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Why You Didn’t Get Hired

Well, why not?! I’ll tell you why you didn’t get hired.  And I bet it isn’t the reason you think. It wasn’t a bad cover letter or resume. It wasn’t lack of interview ability. It wasn’t because you were the wrong gender, race or sexuality. You didn’t get hired because you did not get enough […]

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1 + 1 = 3

Today’s post is about getting interviews by networking. At Harrison Careers, we provide extensive, in-depth networking coaching and advice to our clients, because networking is a guaranteed way to get interviews. However, most people find networking difficult because it requires motivation to proactively call people or walk up to them at a presentation or conference. […]

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How to maximize your chances of landing a top Finance (or other!) internship

It’s recruiting season again – the busiest time of the year for Harrison Careers – and the market for internships and jobs in Finance and in multiple other areas, it seems, has never been more competitive. One of the questions I am often asked is how can a university student make the most of the […]

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It’s application season again! Time to get moving on your video interview prep…

Hi everyone, The end of summer is fast approaching, and with it the arrival of Application Season. It’s time to get moving on these applications! You already know that there is a first-come, first-served advantage – the earlier you submit your applications, the higher chance you have. Most companies now require you to record answers […]

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Coronavirus and the impact on hiring

I write this as the coronavirus continues to worsen across Europe and the United States. This is an unprecedented situation for our generation, and will certainly have profound effects, not only on health and populations, but on economies. The subject of today’s blog is the impact on hiring. It is often said that one of […]

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Harrison Careers Brochure

The career decisions you make now will change your life forever. Your career is an incredibly important factor in determining your future wealth, happiness and fulfilment. Just as you have invested time and money in your education, we at Harrison Careers believe that you should invest in getting the career you really want. Investing the […]

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