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  • This is the busiest time of the year at Harrison Careers, when our clients are knee-deep in applications to graduate and internship programs. Across the globe, companies are competing for the best talent, and it’s a highly competitive - to say nothing of incredibly stressful - time of year for students, who are trying to juggle their demanding academic schedules with the pressure to complete hundreds of applications. 
But how can you prepare yourself so that you stand out from the crowd? How can you be sure that your application answers are better than the competition, that you nail the video interview or presentation, and that you sail through all the tough competency questions that your interviewer throws at you? Drop us an email at hiringteam@harrisoncareers.com for free advice on any of the following topics:
•	Model application answers
•	Tough interview questions
•	How to handle the Video Interview
•	How to handle a Presentation
•	How to get people to like you
•	50+ questions to ask yourself before you start your online applications
•	Which investment banks to apply to.
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  • I'm sharing this photo of our company banner. But it's no ordinary banner - this banner traveled to the top of Mount Everest in May this year with our dear friend and intrepid explorer, @rdesota - Robin, you are a shining example of how determination, perseverance and humility can lead to the utter smashing of goals. We're so proud of you!
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  • Random musings on my blog today about European students - http://harrisoncareers.com/blog/is-it-easier-for-europeans-to-get-hired-right-now/ What do you think?

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