The hardest job you’ll ever do?

It’s my theory that most people only develop a very strong work ethic if they have done something truly difficult at an early stage in their lives. It could be sport. My friend Robin ran for his school and college. Palmer played basketball for school and college. Both of these guys are incredibly motivated – […]

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The Journey from Middle Office to Front Office

You can blame globalisation and the outsourcing technology consultants like Accenture. During the years from 2005 through 2012 they dismantled much of the Operations and Support functions at London financial institutions. Yes, the jobs went overseas, often to India, but they also migrated within the UK to Bournemouth (JP Morgan), Birmingham (Deutsche bank) and Glasgow […]

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Make Running a Part of Your Life

My name is Peter, and I’m addicted to running 🙂 I took up running when I was at Kellogg Business School in Chicago – largely because my roommate, Jon, made me. But I quickly saw the benefits – running improves your cardiovascular strength, lowers bad cholesterol and speeds up your metabolism. Not to mention the […]

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Instagram did not return a 200.

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