How to get a job in Engineering

You've invested so much in your Engineering education - time, yes, effort, yes and so much money! Don't let your education go to waste by accepting a second-rate job that won't enable you to fulfil your potential. Let Harrison Careers help. You tell us (a) the role and (b) the company you want, and we'll tell you exactly how we can help you get it.

Heading up our team of Engineering advisors is Ben Ward, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Tesla. Ben will be your chief personal advisor from the moment you join our program, all the way through your internships, until you get the full-time, permanent job that you are truly happy with

Harrison Careers will get involved with every part of your job search to ensure that you get hired, no matter how long it takes, nor how many challenges we have to overcome. We will talk before every interview, and we will tell you exactly what you should say to differentiate yourself from other interviewees. We will often prepare a sales pitch for you to memorize and present at interview.

The Key Challenges You Face

Every jobseeker faces two main challenges - (a) getting the interview in the first place, and (b) converting the interview into a job offer.

The first challenge, getting the interview, can be a little complex! There are several different ways to get interviews - ranging from the easy way, application forms (apply early, apply to lots of companies, and make sure you write better answers than your competition) to enlisting the help of recruitment agents (many of whom will help even junior candidates like you), to networking (we'll teach you this true life skill - and if you follow our approach, you WILL get interviews).

The second challenge, converting your interview into a job offer, is actually the more straightforward of these issues. It involves applying the full resources of Harrison Careers to provide you with written material on every aspect of the interview process - once you've learned this information, you will be at a very significant advantage to the competition, because you will have critical inside knowledge that will convince interviewers that you know much more than other candidates (because you will!).

Then you will be rigorously coached and trained for interview by Harrison Careers' outstanding team of Engineering coaches. They have all interviewed with the most prestigious engineering (and other) firms, and have succeeded in getting the best jobs out there. They have been through what you are going through, and they understand exactly what it takes to get hired.

Getting the job is often down to being able to show that you know more about what the job really involves than the other interviewees do. You need to show that you have specific engineering industry knowledge that most students just do not have.


Harrison Careers will also advise you on gaining relevant qualifications and some essential Engineering knowledge in order to give you credibility as a candidate. What qualification we advise you to get depends upon what Engineering fields or areas you are targeting, however we typically advise clients on how to gain:

  • Hands-on Experience;
  • Experience via Technical Clubs or Activities;
  • Technical Leadership Roles;
  • Manufacturing Experience
  • Engineering Program Certifications e.g. CAD Modelling in SolidWorks, Finite Element Analysis software, LabVIEW, etc.
  • Engineer in Training Certification from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).

The bottom line

Dont waste your investment in your university education - join the Harrison Careers Engineering program to help you get the fantastic Engineering-related job that you truly deserve. Investing the equivalent of a few weeks' of your first year's salary is a small amount to pay if this investment buys you the career you really want.