My name is Peter Harrison and I run Harrison Careers. I was one of the 8 summer interns hired by McKinsey London from hundreds of applicants, and I joined the Goldman Sachs Convertible Bond team after my 47 GS interviews.  For the last 18 years I have been helping candidates get hired by investment banks and other prestigious companies.

I want to convince you that networking is important and requires skill. We will teach you to network like no one else has.

Let me save you some time. I have read “Professional Networking for Dummies”, “How to be headhunted”, “Brilliant Networking: What the Best Networkers Know, Say and Do”, “Networking All-in-one Desk Reference for Dummies”, “Confident Networking for Career Success and Satisfaction”, “The Rules of Networking” and “Masters of Networking: Building Relationships for Your Pocketbook and Soul”.  Below were my 8 main take-away points from these books.

  1. Networking is one of the very, very best ways to get the job you want. 
  2. Networking is a two-way process, where you give and do not just take.
  3. You can find people to network with from alumni databases, conferences, newspaper articles, friends, awards, etc.  Speak clearly.  Keep it simple.  Be brief.  Be charming.
  4. Find common ground.  Ask questions and be genuinely curious.  Be interesting.
  5. Follow up with people afterwards.
  6. Networking is a continuous process, not a one-off thing.
  7. Take good notes so you can follow up later.
  8. Do not sell yourself too hard.  Do not be insincere.  Listen rather than talk.  Do not get too personal too quickly.

Here is the problem with the above list – YOU KNOW ALL THIS STUFF ALREADY!!!  Any book or any presentation to a bunch of MBAs or undergrads is always going to be general and never customised to your situation.  This is what you are going to get when you buy the books and when you go along to a presentation or listen to a webinar on networking.

Now read the questions below. If you can answer YES to at least 7 of them, then you already know a lot about networking.

  1. I know exactly which companies I want to target (okay, that is the easy question).
  2. I know how to quickly find the right individuals to contact and how to get their email addresses and phone numbers.
  3. I know whether to send an email first or not. 
  4. I know I cannot just ask for a job – but I know an even better way to get them to talk to me.
  5. I know whether some kind of gift will help or hurt my chances.
  6. I know when to follow up, what I should say when I do follow up, and I have an awesome system that stops me from forgetting my planned follow up dates.
  7. I know what questions to ask them, and I know how I will use each answer to further my relationship with each individual. 
  8. I know when to ask for help to get an interview and when not to.
  9. When someone is rude and tells me to get lost, I know when to quit and I know when to chase them.

Calling, actually talking to, and building a relationship with 100 of the right professionals in the business area is a guaranteed way to get hired. Let us show you how to do this.