Harrison Careers

  • Are you searching for the career of your dreams?

  • We help you to get interviews with your target companies

  • We provide you with unlimited interview coaching

The career decisions you make now will change your life forever. Your career is an incredibly important factor in determining your future wealth, happiness and fulfilment.

At Harrison Careers our mission is simple: to help you win interviews, then to maximize your chances of converting those interviews into job offers with the world’s leading companies across Finance, Technology, Consulting, Law, Accounting, Actuarial, and many other industries.

Harrison Careers will be your long-term partner, throughout and after university, and in the early stages of your career. We will:

Help you to get interviews with your target companies by teaching you our incredibly effective networking system.

Provide you with unlimited interview coaching and continuous, expert advice for every single interview – from now until you land your dream full-time role.

Getting You Hired!

At Harrison Careers, we have 2 decades of experience, >150 professional coaches who have given >10,000 interview coaching sessions, and a 100% track record of success at helping thousands of candidates – just like you – to get hired in their dream jobs.

We’re extremely good at what we do – demonstrated by our clients receiving job offers from world-leading companies like JP Morgan, Amazon, McKinsey, Apple, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Greenhill, Accenture, IBM and Deloitte.

We are excited to start working with you to help you get the career of your dreams!