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The career decisions you make now will change your life forever. Your career is an incredibly important factor in determining your future wealth, happiness and fulfilment.

Just as you have invested time and money in your education, we at Harrison Careers believe that you should invest in getting the career you really want.

Investing the equivalent of a few weeks’ of your first year’s salary is a small amount to pay if this investment buys you the career you really want. Yes, you may get the job you want without our help – many do. However, if you really cannot afford to be in a career that is second-best, then let Harrison Careers help you. Tell us (a) your dream the role and (b) your dream company, and we’ll explain how we can help you get it.


We are proud that 100% of Harrison Careers clients have landed job offers, and we are very committed indeed to maintaining our outstanding track record. Obviously, part of this success is down to much hard work from our clients! Everyone at Harrison Careers works tirelessly to make sure that our clients get the jobs they want – with companies that are the best of the best in their industries: Finance, Technology, Consulting, Accountancy, Law and many others.

Take a look below at some of the amazing companies that Harrison Careers has helped our clients get job offers from. Can you see yourself working at one of these companies?

•            Accenture

•            Addleshaw Goddard

•            Allen & Overy LLP

•            Amazon

•            American Express

•            Amundi

•            AstraZeneca plc

•            Bain & Company

•            Bank of America Merrill Lynch

•            Bank of China

•            Bank of England

•            Barclays Investment Bank

•            Barclays Global Investors

•            Blackrock

•            BNP Paribas

•            Boston Consulting Group

•            Brookfield

•            CBRE Group, Inc.

•            Cisco

•            Citi

•            Clifford Chance LLP

•            Commerzbank

•            Credit Suisse

•            Deloitte

•            Deutsche Bank

•            Eiger

•            E&Y

•            Fidelity

•            Fortis Hedge Fund

•            Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

•            Galbraiths Investing Bank

•            Goldman Sachs

•            Google

•            Grant Thornton LLP

•            Herbert Smith Freehills

•            Houlihan Lokey

•            HSBC

•            IBM

•            Invesco

•            JP Morgan

•            KPMG – Assurance

•            La Fayette

•            Lazard

•            LEK

•            McKinsey & Company

•            Mercer Investment Consulting

•            Merger Market

•            Milliman

•            Minsheng Bank

•            Morgan Stanley

•            Nike

•            Nomura

•            PA Consulting Group

•            PwC

•            Rolls Royce

•            Santander

•            Shell (Royal Dutch Shell plc)

•            Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP

•            Slaughter and May

•            Snapchat (Snap, Inc.)

•            Société Générale

•            Standard Chartered

•            State Street Corporation

•            UBS

•            Warby Parker

•            Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

•            West LB


When you join Harrison Careers, you get me, Peter Harrison, as your personal advisor from now until you get the full-time, permanent job that you are truly happy with.  We will swap hundreds of emails between now and then. You will call me when it is urgent. You will also have access to our team of 200+ coaches who also work/have worked in investment banks, technology companies, and consulting, law, accounting and other firms.

What is so special about me?  I had 47 – yes, 47! – interviews at Goldman Sachs to get my job there and, while I worked there, I interviewed 1,300+ candidates for the Equities Division.  I made it to Executive Director, then left GS at the peak of the dot com boom. Before that, I beat hundreds of applicants to get my McKinsey internship and my job as an accountant at Deloitte – perhaps not because I was the smartest, but because I know how to interview. In my career, I collected 23 job offers from different investment banks, consulting and accounting firms (even after my very first interview!) – I truly know how to get people hired, especially by investment banks, technology companies, consulting firms and other professional services firms.

Great if you can get that job offer on your own! However, if you truly want to maximise your probability of starting the best career as quickly as possible, then consider getting help from me and my team at Harrison Careers. There is too much at stake to simply use the same job search process as thousands of other candidates.


Take a look at our client testimonials towards the end of this brochure. Then, if you think you might be interested in working with us, why don’t you speak to a couple of our clients to get their independent opinions on the Harrison Careers programme. Ask them whether they thought the money they spent was worthwhile.  Ask them for the negatives – as well as the positives – of the programme. The fact that we are happy to put prospective clients in touch with existing clients is a reflection of our belief that all of our clients feel that their money was well spent – because it helped them land a great job.


Every jobseeker faces two main challenges:

(a) getting the interview in the first place, and

(b) converting that interview into a job offer.

The second challenge – i.e. converting your interview into a job offer – believe it or not, is the more straightforward of these issues. It involves the full resources of Harrison Careers to provide you with written material on every aspect of the interview process – once you’ve learned this information, you will be at a very significant advantage to the competition, because you will have critical inside knowledge that will convince interviewers that you know much more than other candidates (because you will!).

Then you will be coached by members of the Harrison Careers team – who have already proven that they are the best of the best, because they have landed job offers from the companies you are interviewing with.

However, the first challenge – getting the interview in the first place – can be a little more complex! There are several different ways to get interviews:


To get interviews the easy way, we advise our clients to apply online for internships and full-time offers. Apply early, apply to lots of companies, and make sure you write better answers than your competition.

We advise Harrison Careers clients to apply to at least 40 companies, and we help you devise an “ABC Career Plan” – where A is your top choice within your chosen industry, and B and C are jobs that you may not enjoy quite as much as your top choices, but which you have a higher chance of getting. These can be your insurance policies.

Yes, completing 40 application forms is a major pain, but it still takes less time than the other methods we describe below.  Ask yourself whether you really believe your applications are better than those of your classmates. If you are not sure, get help and get them written properly. Harrison Careers cannot complete the applications for you, but you can pay a company like RésuméRebrand, the best in the business, to write your résumé, cover letters, personal statements and application answers (www.resumerebrand.com; info@resumerebrand.com).


Most candidates just do not get enough interviews from the on-line application process, because the competition is so intense – very often, worthy candidates are rejected at the screening stage. That’s where the Harrison Careers programme can really add value. If you follow our advice, you WILL get interviews. The best way to illustrate this is by an example:

One of our clients was a penultimate year international student at a top-3 university.  He had no work experience at all and accordingly was at a huge disadvantage, with nothing to write about in his application forms or on his résumé. We taught him how to target professionals, how to cold-email them, how to respond to their emails, when to cold call them, how to handle the cold call, what to ask for, how to follow up afterwards, and so on.  He received 7 offers of unpaid work experience, of which he declined 3 (because he could not fit them all in) and accepted 4. This fixed his lack of work experience and significantly increased his chances of getting selected for interview.

However, the real benefit of the Harrison Careers programme was in getting him interviews – because of the relationships we helped him build with senior Investment Banking Division professionals.  Having established contact with professionals beforehand, this client’s probability of getting an interview went from around 10% (no inside contacts; 2:2 in his first year) to 80%As a result, he was offered interviews with all 15 of the investment banks he applied to. Harrison Careers also worked with this client to intensively coach him for every aspect of the interviews, and he was offered summer internships by the Corporate Finance divisions of the 1st-ranked and 3rd-ranked Investment Banks. (Our client is now a Managing Director of a leading global investment bank!)

The bottom line: a candidate with mediocre achievements, zero work experience and low academic scores ended up with more interviews for summer internships than any other penultimate year student we heard about.  This is the potential impact that Harrison Careers can have on your career.


Harrison Careers has a substantial database of recruitment agents operating in a variety of industries, and within a couple of days of joining the Harrison Careers programme, we will get you started on contacting recruitment agents (this step does not apply if you are still in full-time education) for your target role.  Most people know the names of some of the more famous agencies, but it can seem almost impossible to get a list of individual recruitment agents. Harrison Careers has contact details (email, phone number, company, job title) of thousands of recruitment agents, and we know what business areas they specialise in.

Harrison Careers will write the email template that we want you to use.  You will send the email and then follow up with a phone call that same day or the following day.  It is a less certain solution than networking with professionals, but it is quick and easy. Bear in mind that you need to be prepared to also do the networking explained above.


Harrison Careers will get involved with every part of your job search to ensure that you get hired, no matter how long it takes, nor how many challenges we have to overcome.

We will talk to you before every interview, and we will tell you exactly what you should say to differentiate yourself from other interviewees. We will often prepare a sales pitch for you to memorise and present at interview.

Getting the job is often down to being able to show that you know more about what the job really involves than the other interviewees do. You need to show that you have specific industry knowledge that most students just do not have. In the case of consulting firms, for example, there is just no substitute for practising case interviews with people who have been through the process themselves. For investment banks, it’s about showing off your superior finance knowledge. For tech firms and software engineering roles, its often about demonstrating your coding and problem-solving skills.


You will be mentored and trained for interview by Harrison Careers’ outstanding team of coaches. They have all interviewed with the most prestigious investment banks, technology companies, and consulting, accounting, actuarial and law firms, and have succeeded in getting the best jobs out there. They have been through what you are going through, and they understand exactly what it takes to get hired.

The key criteria we insist upon in our coaches is not whether they have 20 years’ experience within Human Resources, but instead whether they have proven that they are outstanding interviewees, who have collected multiple job offers from the best companies out there.  As a Harrison Careers client, you will be trained by coaches who have interviewed and coached hundreds of candidates, and who are able to compare your performance to that of other students from the best universities.


Yes, we charge fees for the significant, life-changing services we provide, but we don’t get fully paid until you get hired. That’s the way that we believe it should be. The fees for the Harrison Careers programme are payable in 2 instalments – an initial fee when you enrol in the programme and a further instalment (equivalent to 14% of your first year’s salary) payable when you begin full-time work.

Our fees are not contingent on you getting a job, however the amount of the final instalment depends upon how much you earn – this final instalment is a powerful incentive for Harrison Careers to get you the best job possible, as quickly as possible.

Let’s be totally clear about why we are charging these fees. Our track record is awesome. Every single client that Harrison Careers has helped has got a job offer. 70% of the job offers are with top investment banks, leading consulting/accounting/law firms and technology companies, and here’s the value we perceive we add:

  • Nearly all prestigious companies have at least 100 applicants (and sometimes many thousands) for each person hired, so getting interviews is hard.
  • The ratio of 1st round interviews to job offers is around 8 to 1, so converting interviews is hard.
  • Let’s assume that you are an average candidate. English is your native language and you have good academics. We believe that your probability of getting a job offer in, say, banking or technology is 20% without our help but 70% with our help. We expect your lifetime earning in banking or technology to be at least £7m. If you get a Tier 2 job, we expect your lifetime earnings to be only £2m – that’s a big difference of £5m!

We believe that Harrison Careers increases your probability of that additional £5m by an extra 50% –and, if our numbers are right, it makes the value of what we deliver worth £2.5m (50% of £5m).

Of course, we are making assumptions. But don’t be in any doubt that the job you get now will dramatically impact the rest of your life. We’re charging these fees because we’re worth it. Not one client has ever told us they thought the investment was anything other than great value for money.

The difference between having the help of Harrison Careers and going it alone might very well be losing out on a career that will make you very rich and very successful. That is why our clients pay our fees – they recognise that several weeks’ worth of your first year’s pay is pretty insignificant compared to what they are going to earn, and they just cannot take the chance of going into a second-rate career when, with our professional help, they could have landed the best job out there. If you believe in yourself and really want to maximise your potential, then join Harrison Careers!


  • 100% Track Record – Harrison Careers has helped thousands of candidates get hired over almost 20 years. Talk to our former clients and ask them about their experience, and whether they believe that the money they spent was worthwhile.
  • 200+ coaches working in every profession and every niche of finance, technology, consulting and other professions.
  • Peter Harrison – personal, 24/7 advice from an ex-Executive Director of Goldman Sachs, ex-McKinsey summer associate and ex-Deloitte accountant.
  • Speed – you have an interview? Watch us hustle in a few hours to get you set up with interview coaching.
  • Technical Knowledge – we have 2,000+ handouts covering every conceivable niche of finance and other industries. Algorithmic trading interview?  Study our 32 handouts and then get coached by an algorithmic trading specialist.
  • Achievements – you and Peter will work together to come up with 10 fantastic achievements that will get you through any round one interview.
  • Agents – yes, recruitment agents can sometimes find you the job! We have details of thousands, that we will use to help you get hired.
  • Trading Ideas – do it the way Peter did it for seven years at Goldman Sachs in Convertible Bonds, while competing with other highly-paid salespeople at all the other banks. Stun the interviewer with your outstanding ideas, that you will learn to present like a professional.
  • Written Answers – we don’t want you to guess what to say in interview. We will give you outstanding answers in writing to all the commonly asked competency and technical questions, and we will coach you to make it sound like it comes from the heart.  It will with enough practice!
  • Brainteasers – we will tell you most of the one brainteasers that you might encounter during your interviews, and help you to solve them under pressure.
  • Macroeconomic Knowledge – be totally convincing when you explain future prices of oil, gold, US equity market, Yen/USD, long bond futures, etc. You are expected to have opinions on these things.


Simply email us your résumé and tell us what business areas you would like to target. We will then come up with a detailed action plan, tailored to your circumstances, describing exactly how Harrison Careers plans to get you hired.

A key part of this process is agreeing your “ABC Careers Plan” (described above). Obviously, the area you can realistically target depends on your academic grades – if you got BBB at UK A-level (or equivalent school leaving exams), it is unlikely that you are going to get a job within the Investment Banking Division of a top investment bank. Typical ABC Plan suggestions for Harrison Careers candidates (depending on their target industry) might include:

  • Plan A: Investment Banking Division or Private Wealth Management within a leading global investment bank, OR software engineer at a world-leading technology firm OR analyst at a top management consulting firm etc.
  • Plan B: Trading or Research Analyst at a hedge fund OR Assurance with a leading accounting firm OR Analyst within a Technology Consulting firm OR Investment Consulting with a leading Investment Consulting firm.
  • Plan C: Support role (Marketing, Finance, Operations) at a Technology company, Investment Bank or major corporation.

Once we have agreed upon your ABC plan, we will discuss your skills, finalise which companies we are going to target, and agree the exact steps that we both need to follow to make the job offers happen.

You can be assured of our 100% commitment and the help of the Harrison Careers team throughout your entire job search process. We hope that you will entrust us with your career, and that we will have the opportunity to work with you!


We’re proud to count our former clients as friends – and here are some things that our clients have had to say about Harrison Careers (client’s initials and place of work):

  1. SN, West LB Fixed Income Sales Analyst, London: [Harrison Careers] are very dedicated. Harrison makes you do many things that you probably wouldn’t have even thought about – I personally joined him and within six days I went through making a list of 25 achievements, 4 interviews (mock), one cold calling session, a charm coaching session and a case study session. After six days of being with them, I was offered a job! I had been trying unsuccessfully for so long… Anyway, I really felt positive after I joined Harrison Careers, they always made me feel wanted and able – I mean, the amount of rejections that I had been through, I was really frustrated and might have given up after a while. Harrison Careers draws up an ABC Plan with you to start off, and literally gives you instructions on what to do and when to do it, they do everything with detail and make sure that you’re ready for anything that you might be faced with. We had millions of emails flying between us. I didn’t actually go through with everything that he had planned for me because I got offered a job well before that, but if you do then it’s definitely worth the money you spend – that’s my opinion. I mean the guy more or less guarantees a job offer, the only thing is that you have to prove that you are good enough – he doesn’t take on every Tom, Dick and Harry onto his services. If he can see that you’re capable then he’ll take you on. He’s got a track record – 100% success to date. If you’re at university then this felt like a whole new module!!! In fact sometimes I worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope – that’s how good I thought he was.
  2. TK, Operations Division, Goldman Sachs: I have recently been offered a job as an Operations Analyst at Goldman Sachs in Equity Derivatives. I have turned down offers with HSBC, and WestLB. I have also carried out an internship with HSBC and had an offer from ABN Amro which I have rejected. I also got to the final stage with RBS Operations, and then withdrew because I got my other offer from Goldman. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Peter and his Harrison Careers team. I will be totally honest with you on the service Peter and his team provide – the money that I spent is the best money I have ever spent in my life, and probably will be in the future. It is expensive but I think that’s an incentive to work hard at it and not mess up. I think the thing you need to understand is that Peter and his team are fantastic, but ultimately you have to do the work. That means three hours on each application form, contacting professionals, going to presentations, studying for the IAQ and keeping up with the finance world. It’s extremely demanding – but the rewards are amazing. I started this not believing I would ever get a job with an investment bank, however today I sit on an offer from the biggest and best investment bank in the world.  Peter’s strategy does work; he dedicates a lot of time in ensuring you get the best coaching and guides you through every step of every recruitment process. At one point I was sending him 3 emails a day plus telephone calls and he still would reply and help me promptly and efficiently. Peter knows the business so well, he really understands not only from the company’s point of view but also from the candidates. If I had to go back and spend the money again, I wouldn’t even think twice.
  3. HW, HSBC Investment Banking Division, London: I’m really grateful for the help of Harrison Careers. I saw myself improving dramatically with Peter’s notes covering every detail though the process, his wonderful team, specially tailored advice and the increasing motivations from each coaching feedback and Peter’s emails/phone calls. They are incredibly organised and dedicated. I remember how Alison got coaching sessions organised within one day’s notice and spoke to Peter for my final assessment when he was on holiday. It is absolutely worth more than what I paid for
  4. GB, Barclays Capital Emerging Market Fixed Income Trading, London: Before joining Harrison Careers I was a bit sceptical whether it would help me to get hired, because I would have to borrow the money to pay for the service, so the stakes were big. I made a decision to go for it and it was absolutely worth it, without exaggeration. It exceeded my expectations all the way through. From the very start I was disadvantaged for the career of my choice: studied at a non-target school from where, on average, you would not expect to get hired by a reputable employer; came from foreign country which necessitates employer to apply for work permit. However, I had credits as well – the biggest of which was my determination to reach my career goals. With Harrison Careers, I have made it. I really doubt if I ever would be recruited by top investment firm without Peter’s service. When joining Harrison Careers, you will be told to work harder than you would ever believe. And they really mean hard work. It requires total commitment. Once you learn the stuff that Peter gives you and practice mock interviews during general coaching sessions, you will have a (statistically!) significant advantage to your peers. You will be fascinated to see how most candidates, including those from Oxbridge, have no idea about what qualities recruiters are looking for and what they want to hear/see from candidates they want to recruit. With Harrison Careers, you will be there in total control.
  5. GO, CSFB Fixed Income Structured Products: Looking back over the past few years, I realize that I would never have achieved what I have if it was not for Harrison Careers. Being an international student and with no relevant work experience, I would probably have still been one of many students who at the end of their final year begin to realize that working for an investment bank would not be such a bad idea after all. From day one with Harrison Careers I got a large amount of information which enabled me to be ahead of everyone else when it came to interviewing. I was given the opportunity to attend a variety of different sessions and went through extensive interview coaching with truly outstanding industry experts! One has to realize though that you have to be committed and really want it – no one will do anything for you, all the information along with the training is provided, but it is entirely up to you how you utilize it. I had a truly amazing experience and would not change a thing. Although it was a big commitment at the time – it is definitely money well spent. I worked with real professionals in their fields who provided an outstanding service and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.
  6. AP, Barclays Capital Credit Derivative Sales: Subscribing to the Harrison Careers service has been without doubt one of the best decisions I have made in the past 10 years. I had previously interviewed with several other investment banks but was constantly told that I was just not “wide enough” or “deep enough” in my knowledge. I did not understand as I thought I had prepared well but now I have gone through Harrison Careers I know I was not prepared at all. Harrison Careers will train you to answer impressively 95% of the questions you will get asked in interviews and the remaining 5% you will be able to answer on the spot because you will have had so much training. Harrison Careers will teach you how to stand out above the crowd, as the competition is fierce. For me, I was confident I had all the elements, but Harrison Careers were able to help me bring them out in a way that sounded impressive and relevant. The cost? It’s not cheap but, trust me, find the money. My sign-on bonus that I got as soon as I signed the contract with a major investment bank covered the Harrison Careers fees. A word of warning, if you do subscribe, have no illusions that you are going to have to work hard. Peter (who is fantastic) and his team will be there every step of the way with you, but you are going to have to put in the effort and time as well. If working for a top investment bank/consultancy firm is really, really what you want, then without doubt, you need to subscribe to this service to maximise your chances.
  7. SS, JP Morgan Finance Division, London: I will be to the point and honest. In short, Peter is a great guy and someone I cannot thank enough. I had numerous interviews at Unilever, Accenture, PA Consulting, Barclays, etc…. I did mess them all up as I was faltering at the interview stages. The problem for me was not getting the interviews, but passing them. Hence I enlisted the services of Harrison Careers. Well, what they did was prepare me for my interview here. Peter and the other coaches would ask me questions, listen to my replies and then critique them, which is precisely what I needed as it showed me where I was going wrong and more importantly, ways to improve. If nothing else, Peter’s help gave me a lot of confidence which I think shows when you attend interviews. He is a fountain of knowledge and gives great advice… the key to his success is he does not tell you what you want to hear, he gives you solid advice. Then it is up to you how you wish to follow. Don’t believe for a second that he will do all the work for you…you will have to practice, do the research – what he will do is show you the best practical way of achieving your goal. In terms of the fee, Peter asked me if I thought it was a lot, I said honestly, NO… if you compare the fee you pay to your earning potential once you are in a blue chip such as JP Morgan, then it is nothing in my opinion. I was prepared to pay a lot more. I was happy it was not that much.
  8. OS, Citi Investment Banking Division: My experience with Harrison Careers Service is that it is a tough but fantastic and fulfilling way to land a role with any top professional services company out there. With the help of Harrison Careers, you feel empowered to go out there and really shine so that you impress your potential employer. Having said this, I think my first surprise with Harrison Careers was the amount of work and preparation needed to get up to speed with what is needed to succeed. Make no mistake about this, if you are serious about using Harrison Careers then you better be ready to work hard – very hard. Also, you must follow all the materials and advice given to you. You cannot afford to cut corners. You need to take the time and spend the hours needed. In the end this is the best way for you to get the results you want. You must be totally committed. I think the service also provides a great opportunity to meet people who were once in your position but have now landed their own roles with top firms. I found these people were a great source of information to let me know what the interview process might be like. In many cases their interview experience was still fresh in their mind. The advice of such people was priceless. It is only through Harrison Careers that you will be able to meet such people whose sole purpose is to help you succeed. Generally, I think Harrison Careers is a unique and fantastic service for anyone serious about landing a role with a top professional services institution. It will literally cut months, if not years, off your time trying to land a lucrative role by yourself. The service also gives you a great chance to know some very smart and enlightened people, people who could end up being your future colleagues or just good friends.
  9. KT, Goldman Sachs Finance: Let me start off with a bit of my history… I came from a very average background. I went to a comprehensive state school – I got 4 A’s 2 B’s and11 C’s for my GCSE’s. I went on to do my A levels and obtained ABD (automatic rejection from many companies). I went on to do Business Studies at Westminster and Graduated with a 2:1. The only work experience I had was retail-based and one HR work placement. I now work for one of the best investment banks in the industry starting on a great grad salary six months ago – since then, I have received a substantial pay increase and a nice bonus (this is of course performance related). I never believed I would ever get the job that I am in at the moment – but Peter said to me from day one that I would, and Harrison Careers really believed in me and my capabilities. In my opinion, Peter is not going to take on students who they think are incapable as this is going to ruin Harrison Careers 100% success level. I have a lot to thank these guys for – every time I would walk out of an interview Peter or one of his team would be on the phone to see how it went – they genuinely care about you as a person and about your career. I have to be honest and say you have a lot of work to do – there is a lot of networking, research, and applications that you need to do. This gets extremely intense when you have coursework/exam pressures – trust me. You have to be self-motivated to do everything that needs to be done. I look back on the money I spent today and can honestly say it was the best money that I have ever spent – I can’t believe I even thought twice about it and trust me if you join up with these guys you will in 6 months’ time be thinking the same thing.
  10. XM, Goldman Sachs: I have received offers from Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs, and I have decided to take the GS one. The last two months working with Harrison Careers has been the most fulfilling and rewarding experience I have ever had. Just some quick statistics to sum it up: I have had 3 teamwork/group interview sessions, 34 coach interviews and made hundreds of emails and phone calls to Peter, which led to 1 job, 2 offers, 5 final-round invitations and 8 first rounds. More importantly, I have learnt the following things which are going to benefit for the rest of my life:
  • Leave a good first impression and build relationships with strangers in a short period of time;
  • Connections open doors;
  • Always aim higher. There is no limit to what I can achieve;
  • Deep down I am actually a passionate and motivated person and I understand my potential;
  • It’s always good to have companions and comrades. I have had it at the back of my mind throughout the two months that there were people who supported me, encouraged me and seriously wanted me to succeed. Because of this, I knew that I was going to get it.