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How to make sure you get interviewed

You can expect to read a lot from me about securing interviews. I know a LOT about this. Getting the right interviews is the biggest problem candidates face at the moment. I’m not saying that passing the interviews is easy – but if you can land 10 of the right interviews, the chances are you’ll end up with a couple of offers.

So, here’s one way that is almost certain to work. And it’s not even that difficult – if you have the right mindset.

  1. Make a list of your target companies. 30 at least.
  2. Use LinkedIn to make a list of 3 target senior professionals at each company.
  3. Write and send an email that:
  • shows you have researched the professional’s background;
  • requests a chat about their background and career choices (so that only the professional is able to do that – they can’t pass you on to a human resources colleague);
  • is open about your goal of getting hired in their business area; and
  • explains why you think you could be a relevant candidate.
  • Oh, and keep it short.

Then, follow up with a phone call within 1 business day – regardless of whether they reply to your email or not. Not replying is implicitly giving you consent to call them.

What’s the worst that can happen?

They might say no. However, in my extensive experience of coaching candidates to make thousands (yes, really – thousands) of such calls to senior professionals, it works way better than you might expect.

“Why would they bother talking to me? They don’t care.” Well, actually, people are much nicer than you expect.

You’ll experience rejection of course. You will have to fight the inertia to pick up that phone. You will need all the charm at your disposal to engage your target.

You’ll also get many great conversations that will definitely lead to interviews.

Thanks for reading!