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Is it easier for Europeans to get hired right now?

Financial services in London seems to have been declining for a number of years, and this trend is set continue as all kinds of companies react to Brexit.

It seems to me that it’s getting harder for British students to get entry-level jobs at investment banks and asset management companies.

But what about Europeans? Our anecdotal experience with German, Italian, French and Dutch clients in the last couple of years is that it is still very easy to get interviews and job offers if you are European and speak multiple languages.  Everyone seems to think that London is full of continental Europeans, and maybe that’s the case, but they don’t seem to appear on the job market so often. When someone comes along who speaks three or four languages, they only have to reach out to the right recruitment agents with an impressive résumé, and the interview offers start flooding in.

What’s your opinion? If you speak more than one language, I believe that you still have a huge advantage getting hired by any international company in London.