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It’s application season again! Time to get moving on your video interview prep…

Hi everyone,

The end of summer is fast approaching, and with it the arrival of Application Season. It’s time to get moving on these applications! You already know that there is a first-come, first-served advantage – the earlier you submit your applications, the higher chance you have. Most companies now require you to record answers to screen-based questions via the HireVue system. I wanted to say something about this to help you pass these video interviews.

We have helped several clients recently prepare effective video interviews. One thing is very clear indeed. You improve with practice. Your first set of video recordings are generally poor, the second set are better, and it is only in your third set of recordings where you reveal your potential. So my message here is definitely do not submit your first or second versions!

Practice these video interviews now before you have to do one for real.

There are several questions that you can prepare to answer, for example:

  • Why I want to work in this business
  • A time when I was a team player
  • A time when I demonstrated leadership
  • A time when I came up with an innovative solution.
  • A time when I had to deal with a difficult situation
  • About me and my background

Introduce yourself briefly at the start of every single video (very few candidates do this – but they should).

Don’t forget to set the camera at eye level so you are not looking down at the camera. Smile!!

Consider sticking a piece of paper over the screen so that you are forced to look directly into the camera and not at yourself on the screen. As an added bonus, you can have notes or prompts on this paper to help you remember what you want to say.

Remember – good lighting!

Dress up! Proper business attire looks more impressive.

Remember the three dimensional aspect – where you talk with emotion, raise and lower your voice accordingly to make your point, and use your hands to show passion and animation.

Watch yourself and you will quickly see what you have to improve.

Any questions, please get in touch!