Harrison Careers


Every jobseeker faces two main challenges:
(1) getting the interview in the first place, and
(2) converting that interview into a job offer.

Harrison Careers will be your long-term careers partner to address these issues.

We will help you get interviews with your target companies, convert those interviews into internship and full-time job offers, and provide you with unlimited interview coaching and continuous, expert advice for every single interview – from now until you land your dream full-time role.

We will teach you how to target professionals, how to cold-email them, how to respond to their emails, when to call them, how to handle the calls, what to ask for, how to follow up, and so much more.

We will provide you with written material on every aspect of the interview process, giving you critical inside knowledge that will convince interviewers that you know much more than other candidates – and which will put you at a very significant advantage to the competition.

We will talk to you and coach you before every interview you have, and will tell you exactly what you should say to differentiate yourself from the other interviewees.

You will be trained by members of the Harrison Careers Coaching Team – who have themselves worked at, or landed job offers from, the companies you are interviewing with. Our coaches have conducted thousands of interviews, and will systematically identify your weaknesses and advise you on how to rectify them.

Our Fees:

Just as you have invested time and money in your education, we at Harrison Careers believe that you should invest in getting the career you really want.

The fees for our extremely comprehensive, long-term service are equivalent to a few weeks of your first year’s salary. Our service runs from when you start working with us until you accept a full-time offer that you are happy with – and far beyond that. We regularly speak to, and continue to help, our clients, even decades into their careers.

Investing the equivalent of a few weeks’ of your first year’s salary is a small amount to pay if this investment buys you the career you really want.

If you really cannot afford to be in a career that is second-best, then let Harrison Careers help.