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Harrison Careers hits 10,000 interview Coaching sessions!

I am proud to announce that www.HarrisonCareers.com just completed interview coaching session # 10,000! Operating across all professional sectors, but especially within Finance, Consulting, Technology, Accounting, and Law, our coaches have helped our clients to collect ~2,000 job offers from just about every elite company in the world. Thank you to our amazing interview coaches, …

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My path to an elite Investment Bank

Following on from my blog last week – when I remarked on how getting a job offer is not easy, particularly in the current market – I recently spoke about this to one of our coaches at Harrison Careers, an analyst at a world-leading investment bank. Below, he shares his personal perspective on the difficult …

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Spring into Finance!

It won’t come as a surprise to you to discover that getting a job is really pretty hard right now – especially in the investment banks. Finance jobs have always been fiercely competitive, but consolidation, regulatory pressure, a weak economy, a global pandemic and a potential no-deal Brexit are causing additional worries in the sector …

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Harrison Careers Brochure

The career decisions you make now will change your life forever. Your career is an incredibly important factor in determining your future wealth, happiness and fulfilment. Just as you have invested time and money in your education, we at Harrison Careers believe that you should invest in getting the career you really want. Investing the …

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